Graduate Student

ZHANG Tingting (2010-2014)

Email: [email protected]

Research Interest: Molecular Ecology





Tingting is a Ph.D. student in Zoology since 2010.  With a B.S. in Veterinary Medicine from Nanjing Agriculture University and a National Certificate of Veterinarian, Tingting is also a professional veterinarian and spending her weekends working at a pet hospital in Beijing. In terms of research, she is primarily interested in two fields. One is on population genetics and phylogeography of large carnivores, such as the non-invasive-sampling-based Asiatic black bear project she is now working on.  The other is on wildlife diseases concerning virus epidemics and host-pathogen co-evolution patterns.


  1. Xu X, Dong GX, Hu XS, Miao L, Zhang XL, Yang HD, Zhang TY, Zou ZT, Zhang TT, Zhuang Y, Bhak J, Cho YS, Dai WT, Jiang TJ, Xie C, Li RQ*, Luo SJ *(2013). The genetic basis of white tigers. Current Biology 23(11): 1031-1035.
  2. Zhang T (2010). Phylogenomic researches on the superordinal Euarchontoglires. A.S. thesis. Nanjing Agriculture University. [in Chinese]


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