White tiger coat color project completed and published in Current Biology as cover story

Citation: Xu X, Dong GX, Hu XS, Miao L, Zhang XL, Zhang DL, Yang HD, Zhang TY, Zou ZT, Zhang TT, Zhuang Y, Bhak J, Cho YS, Dai WT, Jiang TJ, Xie C, Li R*, Luo SJ*(2013). The genetic basis of white tigers. Current Biology 23(11): 1031-1035.

Selected media highlights:

  • Cell. 154: 257-259, July 18, 2013.
Learning from exotic species: Genetic safari tracks down rare white tiger variant. By Steve Mao.
  • BBC News. May 23, 2013.

White tiger's coat down to one change in a gene.

  • Science: ScienceShot. May 23, 2013.

How the white tiger got its coat. By Emma Bryce.

  • National Geographic. May 23, 2013.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright, just one gene to make it white. By Ed Yong.

  • The Times. May 24, 2013.

Genetic link could be the white tiger’s salvation. By Hannah Devlin.

  • NBC News. May 23, 2013.

How the white tiger got its distinctive coat. By Tanya Lewis.

  • The Hindu. May 24, 2013

‘White tiger numbers can be increased without inbreeding’. By R. Prasad.
White Bengal tiger enigma solved. By R. Prasad.

  • ScienceDaily. May 23, 2013.

White Tiger Mystery Solved: Coat Color Produced by Single Change in Pigment Gene.

  • International Business Times. May 23, 2013

White Tiger Genetic Secret Unveiled: Single Mutation In Single Gene Removes Orange Color. By Roxanne Palmer.

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