Current Research Projects

Species adapt to the varying environment via their phenotypic diversity as determined by genomic diversity. Understanding the genomic basis of evolution and adaptation offers tremendous insights into the fundamental processes of life. Our research bridges the traditional field of wildlife biology to the cutting-edge advances in molecular genetics and the emerging field of genomics and bioinformatics. Employing these powerful tools we are aiming to describe the hierarchy of biodiversity, to reconstruct evolutionary and demographic patterns, and to answer basic and applied questions associated with mammalian adaptation, population structure, behavior, and systematic relationships. Specifically, our research covers three areas in both domestic and free-ranging animals:


  1. Genetic basis of morphology and adaptation in Felidae and other mammalian species
  1. Evolution and conservation genomics of endangered wildlife
  1. Field ecology and conservation of wild felids in Asia







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Luo Lab, School of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China
Tel: +86-10-6275 2307 | E-mail: [email protected]