Graduate Student

MIAO Lin (2011-2017)

Email:[email protected]

Research Interest: Population Genomics and Biogeography






MIAO Lin was an experienced laboratory technician before he began his graduate study, especially proficient at producing transgenic mice at NIBS. Driven by an interest towards nature and wildlife, he decided to explore a research path during his Ph.D. working on free-ranging instead of lab animals.  His current research is concerning population genomics and biogeography of Southeast Asian mammalian species.


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  2. Miao L, Zhang Y, Helgen KM, Uphyrkina O, Martelli P, Chin S-C, Lorica RP, Oliver WLR, Yu L, Zhang Y-P, Min M-S, Yi X-L, Smith JLD, Johnson WE, O'Brien SJ, Luo S-J (under review). Multi-locus genealogies reveal species and subspecies boundaries in the leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis).
  3. Miao L*, Zhang T-T*, Malcolm KD, Uphyrkina O, Zhuang Y, Li S, Liu F, Wang D, Zhu X, Klinsawat W, McShea WJ, Luo S-J (in prep). A non-invasive sampling-based study illuminates phylogeography and taxonomy of Asiatic black bears. (*equal contributions)
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