Graduate Student

SUN Ge (2009-2015)

Email: [email protected]

Research Interest: Zoology and Wildlife Conservation





SUN Ge received his M.S. in Wildlife Conservation and Utilization from Beijing Normal University in 2009, and began his Ph.D. pursuit with us the same year. He came here because of his passion towards animals since childhood and his ultimate drive to engaging himself to a career in wildlife conservation and research. His Ph.D. dissertation is to examine the impact of forest stand structure on Amur tiger's prey population dynamics in northeast China. He is thus spending substantial amount of time each year in the temperate forest wilderness near the border to Russia and North Korea.  He is incorporating several field methods such as camera-trap survey, snow track survey, forestry measurement, GIS, remote sensing, radar and occupancy survey in this endeavor.


  • Sun G and Zhang L (2010). The impact of Xiaomo highway and local roads in Xishuangbanna on snakes’ activities. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 34(24): 7079-7086. [in Chinese]
  • Zhang L, Li QL, Sun G and Luo SJ (2010). The population status and conservation of pangolins. Bulletin of Biology, 45(9): 1-4. [in Chinese]
  • Sun G (2009). The impact of Xiaomo Highway in Xishuangbanna on important local wildlife taxa. M.S. thesis, Beijing Normal University. [in Chinese]


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