Graduate Student

XING Yueting (2013-present)

Email: [email protected]

Research Interest: Ecology







Yueting is a senior student at Beijing Normal University (BNU) conducting her undergraduate thesis project here and will begin her graduate study at PKU from Fall 2014. In summer 2013, she joined the Aquatic Biodiversity & Environmental Assessment Canada-China Exchange Field Course and took a field trip to Lake Ontario, Canada. Earlier in 2012, the project “The Hilly Area Community Inventory and Essence of Regional Community in West of North China” led her to the field of Northwest China for a month. During the various fieldwork activities, she has been deeply touched by the beauty of nature and decided to take a future research direction in wildlife ecology and conservation. At her time back on campus, she also participated in a biochemistry project from 2011-2013 at BNU. She is currently working on a research of poaching patterns in Northeast China and its impact of wild Amur tiger’s ungulate prey species


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