Associate Investigator

XU Xiao (2011-present)

PhD. Zoology, Sichuan University, 2011

Email:[email protected]

Research Interest: Comparative Genomics & Gene Mapping



XU Xiao received his Ph.D. in Zoology from Sichuan University in 2011, after two years’ visit at the National Cancer Institute, USA, where he took advantage of the unique animal model of domestic cat to study the coat pattern formation in mammal, and determined the first patterning gene Taqpep.  Xiao is broadly interested in the genetic basis of morphological variations of domestic cat and wild felids. Currently, he is primarily working on two projects: (1) using the high-throughput genome sequencing technology to reveal the genetic basis of coat color variation in the tiger, and (2) unraveling the genetic cause of silvery coat color of domestic cat.


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